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Intermodal Center (Framingham MBTA)

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For Framingham Intermodal parking and construction updates, please email and ask to be added to the email list.

Station Announcement: Beginning Thursday, August 3, 2017, both IB & OB staircases will be closed for repairs. Please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to get to the correct platform. There are two options to get to the other side of the tracks: use the elevators or travel down to the intersection of Routes 135 & 126 and use the sidewalk.

JULY 2017

Work on replacing the inbound and outbound stairs at the Framingham Commuter Rail Station commenced this month starting with the inbound side staircase. We're anticipating the work replacing the old corroded stair treads and risers with a galvanized steel will take about 7 weeks per side. While this creates the inconvenience of elevator access only while each set of stairs is taken out of service sequentially, we believe it will be well-worth it once finished and appreciate our customers' patience. We are also planning to introduce our state-of-the-art waste and recycling recepticles, "BigBelly's", to our intermodal terminal. They are high-capacity, solar-powered and allow, for the first time, recycling of certain trash. Lastly, we continue to work on signage and security cameras while contractors and the Framingham DPW put the final touches on parking and sidewalk improvements.

JUNE 2017

During the month of June new enclosed bicycle lockers have been installed and readied for monthly rental, available in August. Additionally, as crews continued with paving and sidewalk improvements, a new maintenance shed was constructed. This new building will allow our intermodal team storage of the equipment and supplies necessary to maintain our intermodal terminal throughout the year and in New England's four-season weather. Lastly, the Intermodal Team welcomed a new member, Tom, who assumes a full-time on-site position handling customer service and on-going operations.

**Beginning Monday, June 26th, the inbound side staircase will be CLOSED for repairs. To access the Outbound side, please use the elevator, or travel to the lights at the intersection of Routes 126 & 135 to get across safely.**

APRIL & MAY 2017

Major work continued throughout April and May as contractors, the Framingham DPW and the Intermodal team busied themselves with many facility improvements. Projects improving parking, lighting, sidewalks and security, as well as continued maintenance and cleaning, have been in high gear as we work to improve our intermodal terminal.

MARCH 2017

In preparation for the opening of the new parking lot, No Overnight parking signs have been posted throughout the parking lots. The signs list the times that a vehicle will be towed at owner's expense if left in any of the Framingham Commuter Rail Station lots. Towing will begin on Monday, March 27, 2017. Vehicles towed from parking lots must contact Henry's Towing at 508-875-9152.


During the months of January and February, Framingham Intermodal was hit with a substantial amount of snow in a short period of time. The plowing company that manages the Northside and the Southside commuter rail parking lots did a fantastic job clearing the snow and keeping the lots salted. New advertising has been installed around the station and more spaces are available to interested advertisers.


During the month of December, the caboose was outfitted with lighting both on the interior and exterior. The ramp along the caboose has been installed and most of the partitions have been removed. Additional parking signs have placed around the lots as well as "No Overnight Parking" signs. A parking email and phone number have been setup so that anyone with questions or concerns regarding parking at the station will have a way of contacting the Framingham Intermodal Team. The MWRTA Parking email is and the phone number is (508) 283-5080.


During the month of November, the Framingham Commuter Rail Station continued to be cleaned, especially in areas along the fence in the Banana Lot. Truck loads of trash, leaves, and bush trimmings were removed from the area. By cleaning up areas along the fence, visibility for parking spaces increased and it is now easier for parking enforcement to scan inspection stickers if needed. You will also start to notice the old red “Pay Here” boards will disappear and be replaced by new clean boards. This certainly gives the station a cleaner feel. However, even bigger improvements such as the crucial updating of the elevators is set to begin in late December. These updates will include everything from lock-out switches to new elevator doors. Once the elevators are updated, the next big project will be the stairs at the station, and all the new improvements don't stop there. Let’s not forget that the new parking lot with over 200 spaces will be operational in the Spring of 2017. These spaces will not only be located close to the station but will provide much needed additional parking. New lighting will be placed throughout the parking lot to increase safety. New lighting, the addition of video surveillance, and on the ground security, will help make the Framingham Station and parking areas significantly safer. By next summer, the difference in the station will be quite noticeable in more ways then one.


During the month of October, the Framingham Commuter Rail Station has
received some much need T.L.C. The Framingham Intermodal Team has been working hard throughout the past couple of weeks cleaning, updating, and landscaping the areas surrounding the Framingham Commuter Rail station. A big thank you to Landscape Depot for donating mulch to Framingham Intermodal. It’s community partnerships like this that are needed and really make quite a difference. Everyone on the Landscape Depot Team has been wonderful and very helpful. There is already a noticeable difference in the area making it more inviting for people who use the train or buses. As the area continues to look better and feel safer, we will focus our efforts on security, both on the ground and in the air. We are still in the beginning stages of building Framingham Intermodal with more great updates on their way!

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