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Route 14 (M-F)

Scheduled Times are only approximate; please wait for the MWRTA ten minutes in advance of scheduled times to assure not missing the bus. For up to the minute bus information, please call the MWRTA at 508-935-2222 or visit for GPS tracking.

The MWRTA uses the Flag Down System which allows buses to stop anywhere along their routes to pick up passengers, where it is safe to do so. Passengers can hail MWRTA buses by waving.

Morning Schedule (AM)

Blandin Hub (15 Blandin Ave.)6:30
Milford Crossing (Stop & Shop)*6:578:099:1710:2511:35
Reliant Medical Center7:028:159:2610:3711:47
East Main St. Bus Shelter (bike path)7:108:249:3410:4411:54
Milford Town Hall7:118:259:3510:4511:55
Milford Senior Center7:128:269:3610:4611:56
Main St Milford Police Sta7:138:279:3710:4711:57
EMK Comm. Health7:208:309:4110:5212:02P
Milford Reg. Hosp/Dana Farber7:238:339:4410:5512:05P
Shaws & Walgreens7:288:389:4911:0012:10P
Milford High School7:308:409:5111:0212:12P
Birmingham Court7:438:489:5811:1012:19P
Milford Library7:468:5110:0111:1212:20P
Milford Town Hall7:488:5510:0511:1512:25P
Big Y/CVS7:518:5710:0711:1712:27P
Milford Crossing (Stop & Shop)*7:559:0410:1511:2512:32P
Blandin Hub (15 Blandin Ave.)

Evening Schedule (PM)

Blandin Hub (15 Blandin Ave.) 1:20
Milford Crossing (Stop & Shop)*12:421:552:554:095:206:25
Reliant Medical Center12:461:593:084:155:276:35
East Main St. Bus Shelter (Bike Path)12:552:043:114:215:346:43
Milford Town Hall12:562:053:124:225:356:45
Milford Senior Center12:572:063:134:235:366:46
Main St. Milford Police Station12:582:073:144:245:376:47
EMK Comm. Health1:002:123:164:255:386:48
Milford Reg. Hosp./Dana Farber1:032:153:194:275:416:51
Shaws & Walgreens1:092:213:224:305:456:55
Milford High School1:112:253:244:345:496:59
Birmingham Court1:202:293:324:426:007:07
Milford Library1:222:313:354:476:047:12
Milford Town Hall1:262:373:384:496:067:19
Big Y/CVS1:282:393:414:526:107:25
Milford Crossing (Stop & Shop)*1:352:453:485:096:177:35
Blandin Hub (15 Blandin Ave.)2:068:17

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