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Commercial Driver's License

This entry level Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) program has been created by the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) and financed through a state grant spearheaded by Senator Karen Spilka, a major advocate of public transportation. The program’s main intent is to help guide people in acquiring an entry level CDL license from start to finish. Individuals enrolled in this program will be taught and trained by CDL professionals, some of whom have been in the transportation industry for many years. Our experienced CDL instructors will prepare students for earning their Class C licenses with a passenger endorsement.

Having a license to drive a vehicle beyond a standard car for business purposes has several benefits worth consideration, even if students have no intention of driving a tractor trailer or a school bus for a living. Some of the benefits include job marketability, flexibility, compensation potential, and job security.

This program is hands-on and individually focused so that students feel comfortable when they are tested by the Department of Public Utilities on the MWRTA CDL course.

Photos from previous classes and events:

ATTENTION: Due to a lack in funding, the MWRTA Class C CDL Program is currently not available at this time. Any individuals on the current Class C Program waitlist will be contacted when the Program becomes available.

The Class C CDL Program Steps:

  1. CDL Permit Class- This is a two day class, for five hours each day on a prearranged schedule. The class will cover several sections straight from the Commercial Driver’s License manual issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Additionally, the class will prepare students for both the General Knowledge Exam and the Passenger Endorsement Test administered by the RMV. It is then up to the student to study independently and review the materials discussed in class to further prepare for the tests.

Optional: Review Session- 2 hour session that will review topics that students find difficult or areas that need to be explained further. Attendance at this session is up to the student’s discretion.

Students have the option of either taking two consecutive Saturday classes from 9am - 1pm or an Accelerated Tuesday and Thursday class from 4pm - 7pm. Accelerated Permit classes are only offered on a quarterly basis.

  1. CDL Permit Test-Once the CDL class work is completed in its entirety, it is up to the student to go and take the CDL General Knowledge Exam and Passenger Endorsement Test. Students must take these two tests within two weeks of finishing the CDL permit class at an RMV of their choice.
  2. CDL Practical Class- Once the student has successfully passed both the CDL General Knowledge Exam and Passenger Endorsement Test and have their permits in hand, they will be eligible to begin the hands-on portion of the program known as the CDL Practical Class. This portion will require two consecutive Saturdays normally about 5-6 hours each Saturday morning. This practical portion will be broken up into three parts: Pre-trip Inspection, Skills (Course) and an On-Road portion.
  3. CDL Test- This last part is done within a week or two following the two consecutive Saturday practical classes. The test itself will be administered by a DPU official through the State of Massachusetts. The entire test will take place at 15 Blandin Avenue, with the on-road portion taking place in the Framingham area. Once the test is passed, the DPU official will stamp and sign the back of the CDL permit and give the student a temporary DPU certificate. The students will need to take their current license, stamped permit paper, and Medical DOT card and go to a Registry to upgrade to a new Class C Commercial Driver’s License with a Passenger endorsement. When at the Registry, students will need to fill out a CDL Application and will need to pay a license fee (remember to ask for a receipt). You should receive your new plastic license in the mail within two weeks and an official DPU certificate within four to six weeks. CONGRATS!

It is important that once students begin this program to acquire an entry level CDL license, they follow through with the process until the end. More often than not, when people postpone getting their CDL, they often never get around to it. People get busy, things come up, trust us we get it. However, we recommend trying to make it a priority. Having a CDL is a $3,000 value and can lead to opportunities mentioned above.

Pre-Requisites for MWRTA CDL Program:

  • Must Have a valid Massachusetts Driver's License
  • Cannot have a DUI or OUI within the past five years
  • Cannot be convicted of a felony within the past five years

For those wishing to apply for a position for our fixed route service please note that the Pre-Requisites for Employment are more stringent than the above pre-requisites for the MWRTA CDL Program. Please contact the General Manager for more information.

Included in the MWRTA CDL Program:

CDL Binder

  • Everyone will receive a CDL binder which will include everything needed throughout the process of acquiring a CDL.

Costs Covered in the Program*:

  1. CDL General Knowledge Test - $30.00
  2. CDL Passenger Endorsement Test- $10.00
  3. DPU Test- $60.00
  4. New CDL License Fee - $50.00

*Anyone looking to be reimbursed for the above costs must have receipts for those costs. Reimbursements will not be given out without valid receipts. Students must participate in the program steps above to be eligible for cost reimbursements.

Costs NOT Covered in the Program:

  1. DOT Medical Exams
  2. Any failed or incomplete tests
  3. License Renewal Fees/Expenses to maintain CDL license once issued

Attendance Policy

Any individual who misses two or more consecutive classes other than for a sickness or emergency in the MWRTA CDL Program, will risk not being allowed to take another class for one full year from the date of the second missed class at the discretion of the MWRTA.

Remember, this is a $3,000 value!

If you have interest in the MWRTA CDL program please contact Sara at (508) 935-2222 or fill out the Contact form below.

Alternatively, you may download this form, fill it out, and send it in via the contact box below.


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