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MWRTA Information

MetroWest Regional Transit Authority
37 Waverly St, Framingham, MA. 01702
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:00am to 4:00pm
Toll Free:
MWRTA Call Center:
TTY: 508-935-2242
MWRTA is on Twitter:

Member Communities

  • Ashland
  • Dover
  • Framingham
  • Holliston
  • Hopkinton
  • Hudson
  • Marlborough
  • Milford
  • Natick
  • Sherborn
  • Southborough
  • Sudbury
  • Wayland
  • Wellesley
  • Weston

Senior & Disabled Transportation

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Fare Information

Serving the residents of the towns of Ashland, Marlborough, Southborough and Wayland.

Advance booking of 2 business days is required.

If ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified, advanced booking of only 1 day prior is required.

Please contact the Metrowest Call Center at 508-820-4650 for eligibility requirements.

***Beginning May 1, 2010, the MWRTA will no longer accept trip fares in cash on the vehicles. All Dial A Ride customers must set up a fare account. Please contact the MW Call Center at 508-820-4650 and a representative will assist you. Payments may be made with a representative over the phone, by mailing a check to our offices, located at 37 Waverly St., Framingham, MA 01702, or online once you have registered a password with the Call Center. Please visit to use the online payment site.

Fares as of August 2009 for Dial A Ride Service

Trips within the MWRTA region (inside Red Boundary) $2.00 each way

Trips to contiguous regions (Gray Areas) including Needham/Shrewsbury

Medical only, unless prearranged group trip.

$3.00 each way
Trips to Worcester/Boston Medical only $5.00 each way

Please refer to map below: (Click the map to enlarge)

Click to enlarge map

Download .pdf of the MWRTA region map

*Senior and Disabled Transportation Photo/Charlie Card ID's* are available free of charge. These ID's can be used for reduced fare on all FIXED ROUTE services statewide.You may obtain a card by visiting the MWRTA offices on the following days:

Monday - Friday  8:00am - 4:00pm

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 508-935-2222.

Senior & Disabled Transportation

August 2008

The Councils on Aging and the MWRTA

The MWRTA is working in cooporation with several Councils on Aging to provide Senior and Disabled transportation for towns in the MetroWest area. The Councils on Aging of each town are as different as the towns themselves. The transportation plans therefore vary from town to town, but the goal of all is to assist in the transportation needs of their Senior and Disabled populations. The COA's in the towns of Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Sudbury and Wayland have worked out plans with the MWRTA, and the Authority is providing funding and or vehicles to the COA’s.

Grocery Program

The MWRTA through the town of Natick, offers to residents living in Natick who are 65 and older and have signed up for our senior transportation access ID card, the opportunity of a call ahead, space availability basis program with a fixed fare, that allows a rider to take the grocery bus from their home on Tuesday's and Thursday's to Market Basket in Ashland ($3.00) roundtrip. For more information please call 508-935-2222.  

Consumer Advisory Committee

Please go to meeting postings in the "About MWRTA" tab located on the top left of this page. You will find postings of all upcoming meetings of the Consumer Advisory Committee.

The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Consumer Advisory Committee is a body composed of members appointed by the Board of Directors of the MWRTA. This committee provides for consumer involvement in all aspects of the MWRTA services.

The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Consumer Advisory Committee is currently composed of:

  • Paul Spooner - Chair
  • Laurence Jacobs
  • Nancy Hanley  
  • Elise Marcil
  • Susane Santone 
  • Margo Dean
  • Karen Dempsey 

Complaint Process

The MWRTA is committed to providing safe and reliable service to all our customers. We value all comments/concerns as a way to continue to improve service.

  • How is a complaint filed?
    • A complaint can be filed either by calling our main customer service line at 508-935-2222 or by email at You may also write directly to the MWRTA at 37 Waverly Street, Framingham, MA 01702, Attn: Customer Service. The customer should provide details of the incident as well as the date, time, driver/vehicle and any other specifics that would assist the MWRTA in determining an appropriate resolution. Customer Contact information including, name, address and phone # should be given at this time.
  • What happens after the complaint is registered?
    • The MWRTA takes every customer complaint seriously. It will be forwarded to the proper supervisor and result in a timely resolution. The customer may be contacted if additional information is necessary in order to make a determination. The customer will be notified when a resolution is determined.
  • What if the complaint resolution is not considered satisfactory to the customer?
    • The customer has the option to contact the Administrator in writing within 10 days of the resolution determination. The Administrator will evaluate the determination and make his decision on whether further action is necessary. The Administrator's decision is final.


For any questions regarding the MWRTA complaint process please contact Customer Service at 508-935-2222.


The MetroWest RIDE

The MetroWest RIDE provides service to residents in Framingham and Natick who cannot independently access our fully accessible fixed route buses.

To apply for MW RIDE services, please print both the Application and Health Care form below, complete the Application form and have your Health Care provider complete the HC form. Return both completed forms to MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, 37 Waverly St. Framingham, MA 01702.

Also, available to print below, is the MW RIDE Guide, a policy manual for users of the MW RIDE service. This policy guide may be updated on occassion, so please check the last revision date at the bottom of the page. The most current version is dated 4/14.


Download: Part A ADA Application for Determination (.pdf) Download: Part B ADA Document Health Care Form (.pdf)
Download: New No Show Policy(.pdf) Download: The MW RIDE Guide (.pdf)
Download: Lift Use Policy(.pdf)  

The MW RIDE is requesting that any customer booking a trip outside  the service area of Framingham / Natick, please reserve their trip by 3:00pm the day before.This request will enable the MW RIDE to provide the best service possible to our transfer customers. We understand that this will not always be an option, but we appreciate any effort regarding this matter. Please call the MW RIDE Call Center at 508-820-4650 if you have any questions.

For the safety of both passengers and drivers, MW RIDE vehicles are equipped with audio and video devices.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: If the National Weather Service issues a blizzard warning for the Metowest area, all non medical trips may be cancelled.

Online Credit Card Payment System

The MetroWest RIDE is pleased to announce that it is now able to accept online credit card payments for the MW RIDE service. All major credit cards are accepted.    

Before using the system, contact the Call Center at 508-820-4650 to receive your MW RIDE ID# and your temporary password. (You will be required to change the temporary password the first time that you login).

FAQ’s of the MW RIDE service

1.Q: When did the MWRTA take over RIDE service from the MBTA for Framingham and Natick?
A: The transition occured on July 1, 2009.

2.Q: What phone number do I call to book a MW RIDE trip?

A: The phone number for  the METROWEST RIDE Call Center is 508-820-4650.

3.Q: What are the call center hours?
A: The MW Call Center is open from 8 AM to 4 PM.  7 days a week.

4.Q: If I’m already a RIDE user, do I have to re-register for the MW RIDE?
A: The MBTA sent a letter to all Framingham and Natick riders with a form to be returned to their office.  If you returned the form to the MBTA, you will not need to re-register. 

5.Q: What if I’m a RIDE user in this area but I didn’t get a letter from the MBTA?
A: Contact the MBTA at 1-800-533-6282, or TTY (617) 222-5415.  You may also contact the MW Call Center at 508-820-4650 and a reservationist will assist you.

6.Q: Is the MBTA going to delete all of their information on me from their files?
A: No.  In fact Riders who travel into the MBTA area regularly, are encouraged to maintain their MBTA debit fare account.

7.Q: Will I have the same ID #?
A: Yes. You will keep the same ID#.

8.Q: What is the cost of the trips?
A: The cost  is $2.00 each way of the trip, within the MWRTA Framingham/ Natick service area.Transfers onto the MBTA system  require an additional cost.  Please contact the MBTA for current MBTA system fare prices.

9.Q: How do I pay for trips?
A: Riders will pay their fares through a debit fare system similar to the MBTA system. You must set up a fare account with the MW RIDE. Money can be added to the account via a check mailed to the RTA office or by credit card on-line at the RTA website, or by phone with a reservationist.

10.Q: What towns does the METROWEST RIDE go to?
A: The MW RIDE services Framingham and Natick and connects with the MBTA RIDE in Wellesley, for trips into the MBTA service areas.

11.Q: Are there direct trips into Boston or will that require a transfer?
A: Trips to Boston from Framingham and Natick require a transfer. This transfer occurs in Wellesley. This is a vehicle to vehicle transfer.

12.Q: What about riders coming from the Boston area to Framingham & Natick...     how will they be affected?
A: Riders coming from Boston will remain MBTA RIDE customers. They may transfer from the MBTA RIDE Service Area in Wellesley, to the MW RIDE Service Area.

13.Q: If my trip goes into Boston or another MBTA RIDE destination, do I have to book both the MW part of the trip and then separately book the other part with the MBTA RIDE?
A: No, the MW Call Center will make arrangements for both parts of the trip.

14.Q: Can I use my MBTA RIDE account for this?
A: No, you must have a separate fare account with the MW RIDE.

15. Q: If I have money in my MBTA account, do I keep it with them, or can I transfer it over?  Can I get a refund?
A:  Funds in your MBTA fare account can’t legally be transferred to the MWRTA.  You must contact the MBTA and ask that the money be refunded to you.  If you plan on taking trips into the MBTA RIDE areas, you should leave some money in the MBTA fare account.

16.Q: Will I receive a confirmation call-back the evening before my trip, like the MBTA RIDE?
A: Yes.

17.Q: Can I book my trips on-line?
A: This service is not available yet, but will be offered eventually.

18.Q: What is the times of the MW RIDE service?  
A: RIDE customers certified prior to July 1, 2009, will be offered the same times as they are currently receiving - 7 days/week, 6am to 1am. If certified after July 1 2009, service hours mirror the fixed route hours. These times can be found in the MW RIDE Guide.

19.Q: What are the MW Ride vehicles like?
A: The vehicles are a fleet of vans and sedans similar to the ones in use by the MBTA.

20.Q: Is the service provided, door to door?
A: Yes.

21.Q: Do drivers help riders with packages, bundles etc.  
A: Yes, please refer to the MW RIDE guide, (link available above) for policy details.

22.Q: What training do the drivers receive?
A: Driver training meets and exceeds regulated industry standards.

23.Q: Is there a similar committee to the AACT, for the MW RIDE?
A: Because the MWRTA is much smaller than the MBTA, the MWRTA Advisory Board created a Consumer Advisory Committee to provide feedback regarding all ridership issues.       

26.Q: How would I lodge a complaint?
A: Complaints are lodged with the MWRTA. A customer can contact our main line at 508-935-2222 or the MW RIDE Call Center at 508-820-4650 to register a complaint with an MWRTA Staff person over the phone. You can also email at info or write to the address below. There is also a complaint / compliment form available at the end of the MW RIDE guide. Every complaint will be investigated and the customer will then be contacted with the resolution in a timely manner.

27.Q: What about new MW RIDE users?
A: Those who wish to apply for the MW RIDE service, must fill out an ADA transportation  application, available by contacting the MW Call Center, or by printing from the application link above. 

The form is similar to the form used by the MBTA RIDE.


MetroWest Regional Transit Authority


37 Waverly Street

Framingham, MA 01702

508- 820-4650




ADA Paratransit

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and what is ADA service?

  • The ADA Act of 1990 is a civil rights act, ensuring the rights of individuals with disabilities. Among those rights are a right to access public transit.
  • The ADA led to the issuance of 49 CFR Part 37 - Transportation Services for Individuals with Disabilities.
  • This law assures that individuals with disabilities have a right to a comparable level of public transit service as individuals without disabilities.
  • The ADA comparable paratransit minimum requirement states that transportation must be provided to disabled individuals within a 3/4 mile distance from fixed route (regular bus)service. The MWRTA will be providing service not limited to the 3/4 of a mile radius, but will provide paratransit to all qualified diabled individuals who reside in the member towns.   
  • ADA Paratransit service runs the same hours as fixed route service in the same core areas, and can be requested during the business hours of the MWRTA.
  • The service is provided by MWRTA.

»Download the MWRTA ADA Complementary Paratransit Plan (.pdf)

The law provides eligibility for:

Any individual with a disability who is unable, as the result of a physical or mental impairment (including a vision impairment), and without the assistance of another individual (except the operator of a wheelchair lift or other boarding assistance device), to board, ride or disembark from any vehicle on the system which is readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities." (§37.123(e)(1)) In addition to individuals with physical disabilities that prevent them from using the fixed route, this right is also granted to people with mental, cognitive, and visual impairments who cannot recognize destinations, understand bus transfers, or distinguish between different buses on different routes at terminals and/or while en route.

ADA Eligibility Application Procedure

If you want transportation from and to within ¾ mile of a fixed route and want to apply for the ADA Paratransit service, contact the MWRTA Office by telephone or email to request an application at: 1-508-820-4650 or Email:

»Download the MWRTA ADA Complementary Paratransit Plan (.pdf)