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What does MWRTA stand for?

(MWRTA) MetroWest Regional Transit Authority was formed in 2006 by the state legislature to help serve the public transportation needs of the 32-town corridor known as the I-495/MetroWest corridor.

How is MWRTA funded?

MWRTA is funded by Federal and State Agencies, local assessments and fare box recovery. Its initial funding is close to $3 million.

What types of public transportation is MWRTA responsible for?

MWRTA is responsible for fixed bus routes and para-transit routes, which mimic the normal bus routes, but provide a smaller bus with lift capability for the disabled and physically challenged individual. Para-transit transportation is a shared ride, origin to destination service required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

What happens if I have a complaint? How should I contact you?

We want to hear from you! Send us an email at or call us toll free at 1-888-996-9782.

How is MWRTA governed?

MWRTA is governed by an advisory board of representatives from the communities it serves with one representative from the disabled community.

Does MWRTA contract with other vendors to provide transportation services?

Yes, right now we have contracts with Kiessling Transit, for providing both our fixed route service, ADA paratransit service, and Dial a Ride service in several towns.

What Holidays does the MWRTA not operate?

The MWRTA Fixed Route systems will not provide service on the following Holidays: New Year’s Day, Patriot's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgivings Day, and Christmas Day. The MW Ride service operates 365 days a year. Busy Bee Transportation who provides the Dial a Ride service, has other holidays that it does not operate. Please call the MWRTA Call Center for more details.


What is para-transit?

Para-transit transportation is a shared ride, origin to destination service required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

What will the cost of the trips be?

The cost will remain the same, $2.00 per trip, within the MWRTA Framingham/ Natick service area. Transfers will require an additional cost.

Can I use my MBTA RIDE account for this?

No, you must have a separate account with the MWRTA

How does the MWRTA fulfill its obligation to provide paratransit?

The MWRTA actually provides paratransit beyond the minimum requirements of the ADA. It does this through the Councils on Aging and through the MW RIDE program.

The MetroWest RIDE

If I’m already a RIDE user, do I have to re-register for the MW RIDE?

The MBTA sent a letter to all Framingham and Natick riders with a form to be returned to their office. If you returned the form to the MBTA, you will not need to re-register.

Will I have the same ID #?

Yes. You will keep the same ID#.

What about riders coming from the Boston area to Framingham & Natick... how will they be affected?

Riders coming from Boston will remain MBTA RIDE customers. They may transfer from the MBTA RIDE Service Area to the MW RIDE Service Area.

Will I receive a confirmation call-back the evening before my trip, like the MBTA RIDE?


Can I book my trips on-line?

This service isn't available yet, but will be offered eventually.

What are the MW Ride vehicles like?

The vehicles are a fleet of vans and sedans similar to the ones in use by the MBTA.

When did the MWRTA take over RIDE service from the MBTA for Framingham and Natick?

The transition occurred on July 1, 2009.

What phone number do I call to book a RIDE trip?

The phone number for the MetroWest RIDE Call Center is 508-820-4650.

What are the hours for the call center?

The hours of operation are the same as the MBTA’s RIDE, 8am to 4pm; 7 days a week.

What if I’m a RIDE user in this area but I didn’t get a letter from the MBTA?

Contact the MBTA at 1-800-533-6282, or TTY (617) 222-5415. You may also call the MetroWest Call Center at 508-820-4650

Is the MBTA going to delete all of their information on me from their files?

No. In fact riders who travel into the MBTA area regularly, are encouraged to maintain their MBTA debit account.

Are there direct trips into Boston or will that require a transfer?

Trips to Boston from Framingham and Natick will require a transfer.

If my trip goes into Boston or another MBTA RIDE destination, do I have to book both the MW part of the trip and then separately book the other part with the MBTA RIDE?

No, the Call Center will make arrangements for both parts of the trip.

If I have money left over in my MBTA account, what will happen to it? Do I keep it with them or can I transfer it over to the MW RIDE? Can I get a refund?

Funds in your MBTA account can’t legally be transferred to the MWRTA. You must contact the MBTA and ask that the money be refunded to you. If you plan on taking trips into the MBTA RIDE areas, you should leave some money in the MBTA account. You will also need to set up an account with The MW RIDE.

Is the service door-to-door?

Yes, the service is door to door.

What training will the drivers be given?

The training is the same as the MBTA’s training.

Are the drivers the same?

Some Joint Venture drivers have come to the MW RIDE, others are new.

Is there a committee similar to the AACT for the MW Ride?

Because the MWRTA is much smaller than the MBTA, the Board created a Consumer Advisory Committee to provide feedback regarding all ridership issues. There is also an ad hoc Task Force to oversee the transition period of the RIDE.

How would I lodge a complaint?

Complaints are lodged with the MWRTA. There is a form, available from the MWRTA, that can be filled out and mailed in, or the complaint may be given to an MWRTA Staff person over the phone. Every complaint will be investigated and the rider will then be contacted promptly.

What about new RIDE users?

Those who wish to become MW RIDE customers must fill out an ADA application available from the MWRTA office. The form is similar to the form used by the MBTA RIDE. Please call 508-820-4650 to request an application.

What will the times of ride service be?

Customers registered with the MBTA RIDE, before July 1, 2009, will be provided the same service that was previously provided by the MBTA RIDE service. New customers that registered ADA eligible after July 1, 2009, with the MW RIDE will be provided service in line with ADA rules and regulations.

What towns does the MetroWest RIDE go to?

The MW RIDE services Framingham and Natick and connects with the MBTA RIDE for trips into the MBTA service areas.

How do I pay for trips?

Riders will pay their fares through a debit system similar to the MBTA debit system. You must set up an account with the MWRTA. Money can be added to the account via a check mailed to the RTA or by credit card, on-line at the RTA website. Please go to the MetroWest RIDE tab for details on how to manage your account on-line.

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